Information about Agtribe Ag Machinery Hire

How it works

How it works


Agtribe has recently teamed up with Mack Insurance who can give you a quote on a case by case basis depending on the age of the machinery.  Contact Lachie who will do his best for you if you are a hirer or and owner. email:

Wet Hire (Contractors)

Farmers or contractors wanting to utilise equipment by contracting can advertise up to 3 pieces of machinery on the one add which can incorporate your contracting rates.  More importantly a Phone number is needed at the top of the comments page when listing equipment so farmers can contact you immediately.

No paypal is needed for advertising your equipment for wet hire.


Free until July 30 2016 from then it is $50/12mth/add, an invoice will be emailed to corresponding email.

Dry Hire

All users will have to sign up using there email address and create a password using a number and symbol for a secure password, a verification email is then sent back to user. 
Farmers and contractors who are offering machinery for dry hire will be asked to set up a PayPal account to verify their identification, Once you set up PayPal you will need to link it to your agtribe account which can be done in settings of Agtribe account.

Once you set up Paypal once you will not need to worry about transacting online as it is the safest and most used online payment system in the world. Link your Farm bank account to your PayPal account so your hire transactions come up in your bank statements.


It is Free to sign up to Agtribe and free to list equipment.

Owners of equipment will be charged 3% by PayPal if something is hired.  eg if you advertise something for $100/day and it is hired for 1 day you will receive $97 in your account. This $3 is to cover the online transaction fee.

For hirers it is currently free, what you see is what you pay. Agtribe has the ability to charge the hirer a percentage of the hire trasaction. Starting July 30 2017.


1: Owners of machinery will be able to post a new listing or hire equipment.

2: Hirers are able to hire equipment by using a credit card or by using Paypal. 

3: The owners of equipment are encouraged to check there existing farm policies to see if you can get extended cover for dry hire on items of greater value to give themselves piece of mind.

4: Confirmation of the hire from the owner of machinery will need to be verified before the hirer picks up the equipment. Hirers may be required to pay for half the hire cost if you are unsure on the length of time machinery is needed for.

5: The hirer has the option of a full refund if hire does not go ahead. At the end of the hire period the equipment will be returned to the owner as outlined in hire agreement.  Hirers are asked to return equipment clean.

6: Damage to any equipment whilst on hire is outlined in the agreement. It states, internal damage to machinery whilst on hire is the owners responsibility and external damage is the hirers responsibility. The agreements have been written up by the solicitors Walsh & Blair Wagga Wagga

Regards Andrew

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